Brunson Elementary School

Blue Steel
Brunson Elementary Steel Pans and Percussion Ensemble
under the direction of Leah Stanley 
Will Bierer - 6th grade
Sunnie Sutton - 6th grade
Fatimah Rivers - 5th grade

Steel drums are wonderful, beautiful sounding percussion instruments that originated in the Caribbean. They are commonly used in Reggae and Calypso style music.  Listening to them makes you feel like you're on a tropical island somewhere!  I worked with Steel Drums when they first started here at BES.  I was in high school, and Mrs. Deborah Mixon had me assist her in working with the BES Steel Drums.  Who knew I would get a chance to come back and teach them myself? I couldn't be more excited! I so look forward to working with this group.
 We meet every Thursday right after school until 4PM.