Hampton One - Summer Programs Transportation

This message is regarding bus transportation for students enrolled in HD1 Summer Programs at Open Arms Fellowship, Ben Hazel Primary, Hampton Elementary, Varnville Elementary, North District Middle, or Wade Hampton High., beginning Tuesday, June 11.To make sure the student registration process is complete and that bus drivers have the correct physical addresses for their routes, we ask that parents or an adult household member bring their children to their assigned site on the mornings of Tuesday, June 11, and Wednesday, June 12, to speak with the site-coordinator. Bus drivers will bring bus students home at the end of the program on these days if students are an approved bus rider. However exact times for drop off locations cannot be determined during the first week because the number of buses provided by grant funds are limited and the area is large. We ask that families support our sites patiently as final bus routes are finished. After leaving the sites daily, students may be dropped off at their homes any time after 12:15 PM. When morning routes begin on Thursday, June 13, pick-up times for students will be any time between 6:00 and 7:30 AM. Like afternoon routes the morning pickup time will be more exact after several days. The contact number for each site is the school’s number and for Open Arms Fellowship 803-943-0004. For students attending Fennell Elementary School’s summer program, bus transportation will begin on Tuesday, June 11.