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Title I Parental Involvement Policy

Parents, Learn more about our parental involvement policy. If you have any suggestions concerning this matter, please contact Mr. Jack Hutto at 803-903-1007 or


            Parental involvement is an important means of increasing the effectiveness of a Title I program. Realizing this, Hampton District #1 has established the following policies to encourage and ensure parental support for its Title I program:
1.                  Opportunities for visitation:
a.                   Annual Meet and Greet Night
b.                  Parent-Teacher Conference Days
c.                   Open house
Although these are specified times of visitation, parents are
welcome in the school at any time to see classes in operation.
Other meeting places and times will be scheduled as requested by parents.
2.                  Opportunities for parental input for the planning, design, and
implementation of the Title I program:
a.                   Opportunities (surveys) for recommendations for the
planning and design of the Title I program for the succeeding
project year will be distributed to parents during March of the previous project year.
b.                  Opportunities for recommendations for the
implementation of the Title I project will be given at the
annual meeting each year.
c.                   All correspondence will contain a statement urging
parents to make suggestions/recommendations for the
program. The procedure for making these recommendations
will be included.
Any recommendations or concerns raised by parents will be
addressed by the Title I Coordinator/or school administration.
3.                  Opportunities for parental contact:
a.                   Visitation
b.                   Open house
c.                   Annual meeting
d.                   Home visits as deemed necessary
e.                   Phone contacts
f.                    Parent Teacher conferences
g.                   Email
h.                   School/Teacher websites
i.                    Phone call communication support
                        j.           Power School Parent Portal 
                        k.          School Improvement Council 
            4.         To make comments or suggestions about this parental involvement policy, contact Mr. Jack Hutto at 803-903-1007 or                  Parents may also complete the Parental Involvement Policy evaluation and submit it to Mr. Hutto.