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Office of Technology

Carole McGrath
Instructional Technology Director
372 Pine Street East
Varnville, South Carolina 29944

Jeriah Owens
Career and Technology Director
Career and Technology Center for High School CATE Courses
801 Pine Street
Varnville, South Carolina 29944

Palmetto Rural Telephone Company
Network Support

Jodi Florence
PC Support


Wade Hampton - Eanion Boyd

North District - Carolyn Shands

Ben Hazel - Vicky Garvin

Brunson - Annette Smith

Fennell - Sharon Frazier

Hampton - Stephanie Jarrell

Varnville - Gwen Evans


Betty Marsh
Instructional Technology Lead Teacher

Technology Master Teachers

Ben Hazel -
Nicole Grant

Brunson -
Michelle Power

Fennell -
Eleanor Murray

Hampton - Betty Marsh

Varnville - Kelly Shipes

North District -
Jamie Norris

Lynelle Holmes
Wade Hampton - Michelle Young

Library Media Specialists

Ben Hazel and Brunson - Laura Cooper

Fennell and Varnville - Dennelle Thompson

Hampton and North District - Sharon Robertson

Wade Hampton - Erin Long