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Top 10 Tech Tips

1. If you are working on the Internet and get an error message - Check to be sure your browser is up to date, clear your temporary internet files, and/or try a different browser.

2. An electronic device isn't working - If it doesn't work check to be sure all connections are tight and reboot.

3. Your printer isn't working - check cords, clear job que, reboot, and/or delete the printer and reinstall.

4. Promethean Board Pens are not working - Disconnect the Promethean USB cable from back of your computer, then reconnect. Recalibrate

5. Your computer is running slow - Delete cache/temporary files, run diskcleanup under system tools, and/or run virus scan and malewarebytes.

6. Gaggle won't attach a file - Make sure the file is closed and/or try a different browser.

7. Schoolwires is giving me an error message - Try a different browser.

8. I think I have a virus - run virus software scan, scan all flashdrives, run a Malewarebytes scan, reset to a previous restore point.

9. Additional Virus Protection - Don't click on unexpected attachments especially if they end in .exe, Don't click on Internet popups, if it looks too good to be true it probably is a virus or malware.

10. Don't CLICK without reading. Sometimes especially on the Internet you may be agreeing to download a file or change something that you do not want.