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The links below come from the education edition of Prevention Perspectives! This eNewsletter is packed with tips and information about making your school or classroom safe, productive, and stable. To subscribe go to the link url above.
Find out the best response for defusing difficult behavior before it escalates into something more serious.
Have you ever had trouble building a structure of support for a child with autism? Download this FREE resource for pledging kindness!
Is there someone who constantly baits you into a power struggle? In this presentation, you’ll learn how to avoid taking the bait and change your interactions from negative to productive.
Whether a placement is successful or not depends on a lot of factors. Use these strategies in your brave, compassionate goal to change a child's life for the better.
What makes us safer? The best school safety measures actually involve low-cost and no-cost practices that are simple and effective. In this audio interview, Michael Dorn of Safe Havens International shares practical strategies you can put to use right away
Want to know how your organization can leverage the delivery options made possible by eLearning to speed up employee training and lower costs? Then enjoy this podcast interview with Amy Acherman, CPI’s Director of Research and Development.
Care, Welfare, Safety, and Securityâ„ –this is so much more than four words. Find out what’s at the heart of what you and CPI do.
Hope is a powerful force. Here's how this troubled school rebuilt theirs.
Do you support kids who cope with traumatic events? Use these caring strategies to help them build resilience and heal..
Learn how a mock car accident staged for high school seniors became a unique training ground for crisis prevention trainees.