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Overview and Additional Resources

All standards for South Carolina and the 21st century instructional practices used to teach the content of the standards are to prepare students to be successful in life. The goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills described by the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. The purpose of the MSP program is to support this goal through math and science instructional reform. Through this initiative STEM faculty from institutes of higher education (IHE) and local school districts collaborate in providing professional development that results in increased teacher content knowledge and teaching skills related to mathematics and/or science and thus improve student performance.

Below is the outline of the current SC Academic Standards for Science and Social Studies followed by links to other resources across the core areas.

Summary of Grade 3-8 Academic Standards



Social Studies


Properties and Changes in Matter

Energy Transfer – Electricity and Magnetism

Earth’s Materials and Resources

Environments and Habitats

SC Studies


Weather and Climate

Stars and the Solar System

Forms of Energy – Light and Sound

Characteristics and Growth of Organisms

US History to 1865


Matter and Mixtures

Changes in Landforms and Oceans

Forces and Motion

Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

US History 1865 to Present


Earth’s Weather and Climate

Energy Transfer and Conservation

Diversity of Life – Classification and Animals

Diversity of Life – Protisti, Fungi, and Plants

Early Cultures

to 1600


Classification and Conservation of Matter

Organization in Living Systems

Heredity – Inheritance and Variation of Traits

Interactions of Living Systems and the Environment

Contemporary Cultures

1600 to Present


Forces and Motion


Earth’s Place in the Universe

Earth Systems and Resources

Earth’s History and Diversity of Life

SC History


Links to Other Resources

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