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Math and Science Partnership

Initiative 1 (Phase 1 and 2) Teachers Equipped to Advance Math and Science’s (TEAMS) goal is to raise student achievement in math and science through ongoing job-embedded PD designed to increase teachers’ content knowledge and use of current practices.

TEAMS is a joint project between HD1 and HD2. The vision is to create highly effective teachers by developing their knowledge of current content standards and by replacing traditional methods with engaging strategies that involve inquiry and practices which promote higher-level thinking, open-ended problem solving, and relevant project-based learning (PBL). Master Teachers (MTs) will provide classroom coaching support regarding practices which foster conceptual learning of content while whole school Vertical Teams, Grade Level Teams, and CCSS School Implementation Teams (SITs) provide content-focused support. PD in content mastery, best practices, and the use of technology from Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs - The Citadel Military College and University of South Carolina – Aiken), Homecourt Publishers, and Invent Now, Inc., will make 108 elementary, middle, and high school classroom teachers more effective.

Initiative 2 (Phase 3) Interconnecting Technology and Engineering to Advance Math and Science's (iTEAMS) goal is to raise student achievement through ongoing job-embedded Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) PLO designed to increase teachers’ content knowledge and to support their implementation of a coherent, rigorous STEM curriculum.
iTEAMS is a project to enable HD1 teachers to deliver quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) academic instruction for their students. iTEAMS’s design responds to the national challenge to produce graduates prepared to enter STEM-related careers. The goal is to support teachers’ delivery of an interconnected, rigorous STEM curriculum designed to produce college- and career-ready alumnae equipped to meet the demands of an existing national crisis. Earlier initiatives to bring systemic change to HD1 classrooms and to raise students’ science and math achievement by developing teachers’ content knowledge reforming classroom practices have proven successful. iTEAMS’s will broaden reform efforts district-wide to develop a STEM culture. Professional Learning Opportunities (PLO) will increase teachers’ knowledge of cutting-edge technology, and engineering and other research-based practices. As teachers apply strategies and integrate innovative technology in their lessons, they will inspire students to think creatively about the applications of the knowledge and skills they acquire. Environments infused with well-designed STEM learning experiences will open doors for students to engage in self-directed learning, construct meaning, and increase their conceptual understanding. Teachers’ infusion of technology and engineering practices in classroom instruction will transform their classrooms into personalized learning centers.